Virtual Group Therapy for Adults

Elite DNA Therapy Services' group therapy program provides a safe space for adults to discuss challenges related to depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

Our Group Therapy program takes place virtually through zoom three days each week. The group is led by Charity Garcia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

Advantages of group therapy include:

  • Support, resources and tools related to group topic.
  • Individuals feel a sense of community and comfort, that they are not going through challenges alone.
  • Opportunity to receive support from other group members in addition to lead therapist.
  • Development of communication and interpersonal skills.
  • More cost effective for our patients.

Course Schedule

Coping with Anxiety
Tuesdays at 4 pm

Relationships and Communication
Wednesdays at 5 pm

Mood and Depression
Fridays at 11 am

Group therapy allows us to create a safe, collaborative space where we are able to address the needs of multiple patients, discuss specific issues related to mental health, and provide tools and resources for our patients to live the best life they can possibly live.

— Charity Garcia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Group Therapy Leader

Weekly Groups

Coping with Anxiety

Tuesdays at 4 pm

Do you want to learn coping skills to treat your anxiety?

Each week in our virtual group therapy for adults with anxiety, we'll share important skills that can help you improve your daily life.

Relationships & Communication

Wednesdays at 5 pm

Discover tools to improve your relationships

All relationships can be impacted by our mental health. We take a Cognitive Behavioral therapy approach to sharing how to improve communication when one or both members in a relationship or family have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Mood & Depression

Fridays at 11 am

Learn to Cope with Depression

This is a virtual therapy group where you can feel safe sharing your experiences with depression and depression symptoms associated with other mental illnesses. You will learn how to make positive changes and also offer to support to others who have similar experiences.

How Much Does Virtual Group Therapy Cost?

Most insurances cover virtual group therapy. Our team will assist you in gaining verification.

If you don't have health insurance, Self-Pay is offered at $30 per session.

Virtual group therapy over a laptop

How to Sign Up

All registration for Virtual Group Therapy goes through Charity Garcia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Participants must be: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be an adult diagnosed with the appropriate condition related to the group topic
  • Live in Florida at least 6 months out of the year


  • We accept most insurances including Medicaid.
  • Virtual Group Therapy is available all across Florida.
  • Primary Physician Referral is not required
  • An internet connection is required. Virtual sessions take place over zoom. Compatible devices include smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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