Targeted Case Management

A specialized service for established Elite DNA Therapy Services patients with Medicaid.

Currently available at Our Fort Myers and Jacksonville offices. 

Targeted Case Management is a Behavioral Health Management program offered at Elite DNA Therapy Services that allows clients with Medicaid to receive additional support from our certified behavioral health case managers.  

For all qualifying clients, we actively advocate and coordinate services to improve their mental health. 

The Case Manager will perform an assessment and in partnership with the client, will develop a service plan that will address each of the areas of need. The goal of Case Management at Elite DNA Therapy Services is to teach life skills that give clients independence, including providing knowledge of how to access services and how to advocate for themselves. Our clients deserve to be successful, independent and happy and our team is equipped to provide them with the support they need to thrive.   

The typical timeframe of our Case Management program is between 6 months – 1 year. 

Happy people at group therapy sesson

Overview of Services

  • Advocacy and coordination of services to maintain or improve one’s mental health 
  • A community-based services (home, school, office appointments) 
  • Conducting a strengths-based assessment to assist in identifying case management needs 
  • Developing a service plan for collaborative case management goals 
  • Linking and facilitating appropriate services and resources to reach desired goals 
  • Monitoring services and the progress made from those services 
  • Supporting clients within different systems   
  • Collaboration with all providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to service delivery 

Services by Group

For Adults 

  • Linking individuals to financial resources and supporting individuals in accessing resources 
  • Coordinating services for job training, resume building, and accessing employment opportunities 
  • Ensuring individuals have their medical needs met through a primary doctor and assist individuals in following through with any specialists needed  
  • Monitoring services provided and collaborating with all providers 
  • Coordination of mental health services and ensuring medication compliance 
  • Monthly home visit or office visit 

For Children  

  • Monitoring children’s school behavior, attendance, grades, and special accommodations 
  • Advocating and participating in school meetings and linking to educational services as needed 
  • Assisting with linking to community resources to reduce monthly financial expenses 
  • Supporting both the children and parents in accessing mental health and medical services 
  • Coordination of mental health services and ensuring medication compliance 
  • Monitoring services provided and collaborating with all providers 
  • Ensuring the family has access to opportunities for socialization for their children 
  • Monthly home visits and school visit 


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Program benefits: 

  • Improved mental health  
  • Healthier family and home life  
  • Developing independence and education  
  • For children and teens, sense of fulfillment and acceptance at school  
  • Breaking generational cycles of trauma and substance use

How to Sign Up?  

  • Check the above requirements. This program is for clients with Medicaid insurance only  
  • Talk with your provider at Elite DNA Therapy and they will refer you to case management to see if we can assist with your case.  Your provider will send a referral to the Case Management Program and will be screened to determine eligibility for services. 
  • There is no specific diagnosis required.