Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program is designed to meet the psycho-educational, life skills training, relationship building, and recreational needs of clients with chronic mental illness. PSR will be open groups that will be therapeutic, creative, and designed to engage and help a diverse population.

The client plays a role in setting goals for what one hopes to accomplish. Each client’s goals are individualized based upon their specific needs or concerns. PSR approaches build upon the assessed strengths of the person rather than their deficits and problems.

The person can determine what they want to accomplish. The focus is then on providing the support and resources they need in order to achieve these goals.

If you are a provider who would like to refer someone to the program, you can fill out the referral form.

Course Schedule


9:30 am - 12:30 pm or 1:30 - 4:30 pm

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 I want to provide every individual the opportunity to embark on their self discovery journey, where they are the Captain to their ship and steering their mental health towards a healthy direction. The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services program will be their guide to work on developing skills to achieve a healthy, fulfilling, independent life while at the same time building connections and having a great, fun time.

— Alexandra Bithorn, LMHC, Director of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Program Courses

Personal Growth & Emotional Wellbeing

 Offered on Mondays

Self-esteem, goal setting, self-care skills. Providing understanding of the role and effects of medication and symptom management.

Independent Living Skills

Offered on Tuesdays

Skills necessary for housing stability, time management, enhance activities of daily living (ADLS), mobility & transportation skills, money management, support to obtain and retain employment.

Making Connections

Offered on Wednesdays

Social skills, relationship skills, healthy communication strategies, support networking, developing linkages and supporting participation in community activities.

Pathway to Coping

Offered on Thursdays

Development of healthy leisure activities, coping skills activities, use of leisure to develop teamwork and peer support behaviors, promotion of productive and rewarding use of time spent alone. 

Participant Referrals


Participants must be: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be an adult diagnosed with a chronic severe or persistent mental health diagnosis that impacts functioning level 
  • Have an active medical benefits card from Medicaid 
  • Give informed consent to participate 
  • Currently receiving mental health services in conjunction with PSR (psychiatry and/ or psychotherapy) 

Provider Referral Form

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