Gainesville Mental Health Services

Currently Offering Virtual-Only Appointments. In-Person Appointments Available Soon!

Elite DNA Therapy Services offers high-quality, in-person and virtual mental health services in Gainesville, Florida, including psychiatry, psychotherapy and other therapy services.

Our Gainesville Therapy team specializes in treating adults ages 25-60 who live with abuse/trauma, ADHD, anxiety, dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, conversion disorder and phobias. We also frequently assist in relationship problems and help the LGBTQIA community.

Our skilled professionals can also treat postpartum depression, anger issues, grief, sleep issues and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

ABA Therapy and Speech Therapy is offered virtually in Gainesville.

We were founded by and are operated by professional therapists passionate about helping others. You can be sure you will be seen by qualified professionals who offer a comprehensive team approach.

We take a wide variety of insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We accept Self-Pay and payment plans.

Virtual therapy session for Gainesville mental health services


Services We Offer


Our team of psychiatric providers has experience and expertise in treating an array of mental health issues and disorders. Whether you are seeking consultation or medication management, our psychiatry department collaborates with your treating therapist, primary care physician, or other provider.

Talk Therapy

When life presents its challenges, or you want to be proactive about your mental health, our licensed therapists can help you develop adaptive coping strategies and healthy ways to express your emotions through Psychotherapy or "Talk Therapy."

Virtual Therapy

Virtual Care is a telehealth program, providing telepsychiatry and teletherapy services to Florida residents. By providing a live, secure, video-based connection with our psychiatrists and therapists, telehealth ensures that appropriate help is always accessible.

Gainesville mental health services provided through virtual care allow appointments from the privacy of your home.

Our Team

Cheryl Barry

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Melissa Cross

Family Nurse Practitioner