Therapy Practicum/Internship

Thank you for your interest in our program!

Elite DNA Therapy Services offer graduate internship opportunities for students who are working towards a degree in Mental Health Counseling, Master of Social Work, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, or Social Studies. The mission of Elite DNA’s clinical student internship program is to prepare exemplary students for the mental health field. Our program uses an evidenced based-practitioner model that integrates the use of current technology, supervised field experiences while working with a diverse population. Our diverse and inclusive clinical staff provides knowledge, competency, and insight into various therapy modalities, treatment orientations, and specialties.   

Elite DNA asks for a commitment of at least two semesters for therapy interns. Students seeking an internship position at Elite DNA should meet the academic expectations listed below.  

  • A theoretical foundation in the field of mental health.   
  • Prior experience with mental health training.   
  • Knowledge of one’s ethical and professional guidelines.   
  • Some familiarity with the types of psychological or psychiatric conditions treated in a community mental health setting.  
  • It is strongly recommended that the student complete coursework in Counseling Theory/ Skills, Psychopathology, and Ethics prior to applying.
  • Commitment to working as part of the Elite DNA multi-disciplinary team in providing the highest quality of services for the community served.   

How to Apply 

Please click on the link below to complete the pre-application screening online. 

Application requirements:  

  • An official transcript (unofficial may be submitted with the understanding that an official transcript will be provided following acceptance into the program).   
  • An affiliation agreement or memorandum of understanding from the academic institution which should include:   
  • An educational agreement between the academic institution and EDNA that identifies shared responsibilities for the internship process   
  • Internship expectations and goals   


Applications should be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the expected start date. 

Application Schedule and Deadlines  

Fall 2022 (Closed 4/15) 

Interviews from 4/18 to 5/20 (ongoing)   

Orientation July for start date in August   

July 27, 2022 - Orientation   

Winter Applications: Open 6/10 closing 7/15 

Interviews 7/16-8/15   

Orientation in October for start dates in November/December   

October 19, 2022 - Orientation   

Spring Applications: Open 10/3 to 11/11   

Interviews 11/14 to 12/16   

Orientation in Feb for start in March/April   

February 22, 2023 - Orientation   

Summer 2023 

Interviews 3/6-4/10   

Orientation May start in June/July   

May 24, 2023 - Orientation   

For further inquiries and interests, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, and/or contact Carla Leslie, LMHC-S, Director of the Student Internship Program, at  

Frequently Asked Questions

You will meet with a panel for an individual interview for approximately an hour to answer questions about your internship goals, competencies, and clinical skills. We look forward to getting to know each applicant and discussing how an internship with Elite DNA can provide a diverse, well-rounded foundation to identity and professional development.   

If accepted, the student will receive information from the Director of the Internship Program and a Human Resources representative to sign Human Resources paperwork prior to starting the internship. The student is responsible for communicating with his/her designated clinical site supervisor to discuss a start date and time.     

The numbers vary, as we accept interns year-round, and graduate programs follow different cohorts or accelerated schedules.Internship positions are very competitive, as many well-qualified students apply each year, and eligibility depends upon the placement site and student qualifications.Students may be considered for primary and dual-site placement.    

When applying, the application process matches students based on the site location, availability, and preferences for in-person and telehealth availability. These are further solidified during the interview process and connecting with a clinical site supervisor.    

We invite you to apply online. Once submitted, you will be contacted if we need additional information or wish to schedule a personal interview with you.   

After the application and supporting documents are received, it will be sent to the Elite DNA Therapy Services Selection Board. The Selection Board will review each candidate’s application and will make a final decision regarding placement. A phone screening of each applicant may be conducted followed by an interview process.   

Prior to orientation and first day of work, Level 2 Background checks and a drug screening are conducted on each student. Acceptance for placement is contingent upon an acceptable finding. Elite DNA will pay for the cost of conducting background checks and drug screening.    

Students will be given orientation dates to attend virtually or in-person (depending upon location) to learn about EDNA policies and procedures, compliance, use of electronic medical records, documentation, crisis intervention, and supervision.   

During practicum, student interns will have opportunities to shadow various services before conducting services under supervision. Interns are invited to attend and participate in clinical staff meetings, conduct case presentations, attend didactic presentations, trainings, co-facilitate groups, and engage in co-therapy with other therapy providers.   

As the students advance, they may develop a caseload of therapy clients once the supervisor determines the student is educationally ready. They will see clients individually or in a group as determined by the supervisor. This will usually occur during the second semester of the internship.  


Students collaborate with their clinical site supervisors to build a schedule to meet the weekly hour requirements of practicum and internship. Changes to the schedule are per diem and based on a variety of factors. Ongoing check-ins about requirements and expectations are encouraged to help you meet your goals.  After-hours options are available.  

Intake, evaluation, individual and group therapy, co-facilitation of group or co-therapy, crisis intervention, outreach services.  

Supervision (Group/ Individual/ Supplemental), documentation and charting, attending presentations, meetings, and research.  

Supervision provides a safe space to ask questions, express curiosities, conceptualize cases, and explore internship experiences. Elite DNA Therapy Services strives for experiential and didactic learning in and out of supervision. Clinical site supervisors value and promote psychological safety to provide a forum for interpersonal learning and professional development. We want to individualize supervision to the student. Supervision is scheduled weekly as a required by respective graduate programs.   

Interns and Supervisors complete goals and objectives for Practicum and each section of internship. Mid-term and final semester evaluations are completed by the student and site super supervisor to submit the graduate program.   

  • Coverage by Elite DNA’s professional liability insurance, to supplement the student’s liability insurance.  
  • Free access to all training events, including Elite DNA University.  
  • Opportunities to learn about the various services and programs offered at Elite DNA.  
  • Opportunities to be paid for duties completed during semester breaks and holidays. (MSW Students Only)  
  • Participation in our After-Hours Program, which offers paid compensation for interns who work during semester and holiday breaks.  
  • Support and access to clinicians with a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in the areas of treatment of children, adolescents, families, and the elderly. These areas include but not limited to substance abuse, trauma informed care, eating disorders, DSM 5 diagnosis and LGBT issues.  

We do provide our patients access to quality mental health care and psychiatric services through telehealth. We have learned the value and need of telehealth services within our community, and it is supported at-large. Elite DNA provides students with training and supervision for telehealth-related services to engage relationally with patients and families as well as give interns an avenue for consultation.   

Interns will be provided with credentials for our electronic medical records keeping system and telehealth therapy sessions. However, students will need to use their own laptop and email.