Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live video connection. You get the same treatment as you would in person, it's just done through an app. Elite DNA Connect, an app based therapy platform, connects qualified mental health professionals and adults dealing with mental health issues such as depression, poor stress management and anxiety, among others.

This service makes it convenient by removing the need to travel to an office. It's great for busy professionals and parents who need to fit it into their busy schedules. You can receive a variety of therapy services including speech and language, counseling and therapy sessions and other treatment. It is the same quality care you would receive in person.

Receive therapy on-the-go during business hours (8 am to 6pm Monday through Friday) from your tablet or smartphone. Self-pay & most insurances accepted excluding: BCBS, Medicare, Aetna and some Cignas.

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How to use Teletherapy


Teletherapy provides the same quality of service you would receive in the office but makes it more convenient. You can fit it into your busy schedule and save time on travel. It is secure and confidential. 

Quality Care

Get the same high-quality professional care you would receive in person.

Quality Connection

High quality platform for stable, clear connection.


Save on travel time & fit therapy into your busy schedule.

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