About Elite DNA Therapy Services

We're dedicated and passionate about providing elite mental health care for Florida.

Elite DNA Therapy Services is one of the largest mental health providers in Florida. Although we started focusing on children's mental health, our services quickly expanded to helping adults and families.

Our goal is to help people achieve better quality of life while managing mental health conditions and navigating life's challenges. We offer comprehensive behavioral health services - from psychiatry to talk therapy, to speech to occupational therapy. We accept most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

We proudly serve all of Florida across more than 20 locations throughout Florida. We also provide specialized treatment for children with autism, including Applied Behavior Analysis and speech and occupational therapies.

Our comprehensive approach to mental health means our patients never feel alone in their treatment process. We’re fully staffed with Care Coordinators, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Case Managers who orchestrate a plan in partnership with you to better mental health.

Our Corporate Team

Our corporate team is dedicated to providing resources and support so that our providers and staff can provide elite care for our patients.

Diana Gonzalez

Director of Operations: Patient Experience

Susan Gard

Communications, Culture and Events Coordinator

Joseph Mattern

Senior Software Developer and Data Engineer

Jerel Johnson

Quality Improvement Manager

Cassie Werner

Executive Assistant

Elizabeth Dosoretz, CEO of Elite DNA Therapy Services

More About Elite DNA Therapy Services

Our Founder

It had always been a lifelong goal of Elizabeth Dosoretz to work with children and their families. However, it wasn’t until she had her own children that she realized how hard parenting can be– and just how significant it is to have support, advocacy and resources.

Elizabeth also volunteered with some local nonprofit agencies and learned about the needs and lack of services for the area.

She decided to take action and started Elite DNA about eight years ago.

Why Choose Elite DNA Therapy?


We were founded by therapists and are managed by therapists wanting to provide the best results for our patients.


Meeting our patients therapeutically where they are, and getting them where they need to be.

Team Approach

Our experienced staff has a variety of skills and patients have access to the entire staff.


Our patients can be confident they are in the trusted hands of a professional.

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