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If You’re Not Feeling Yourself… You’re In the Right Place.

We provide comprehensive mental health services for adults, children and families throughout Florida to help them build happier and healthier lives.

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There’s no one path to better mental health. We know that our patients all have different needs and it’s our job to provide the best support possible. At Elite DNA Therapy Services, we offer a comprehensive approach to mental health. This means our patients never feel alone in their treatment process. We’re fully staffed with Care Coordinators, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Case Managers who orchestrate a plan in partnership with you to better mental health. We also accept most insurances, making it affordable and convenient for you to get the care that you need.

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Comprehensive Care Process

see our care coordination team


Our Care Coordinators are experts in helping determine what services would benefit you most, and helps match you with a provider.

see your provider


When you leave your Care Coordination appointment, the next step will be to meet with the service(s) and provider(s) that best match your needs.

ongoing mental health care


We’re here for you! We’ll continue to manage and update your treatment plan to better mental health.

What We Do

We offer behavioral therapy services that help children and adults who live with mental health conditions, guide people through major life changes and provide services that help people find the very best version of themselves.

Why Us?

Our team is dedicated to helping others. We have the skills and training needed to help individuals and families reach their goals and to help improve their lives.

Mental health is synonymous with physical health and we believe everyone should have access to high-quality care and that is why Elite DNA Therapy Services exists.


How We Can Help

depression contidions


Depression disorders are one of the most common conditions among children and adults in the United States. We treat our patients with care and respect, making it easy for them to manage medication, and access talk therapy.



We provide assessments, tools and resources for children, adolescents and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Support can range from behavioral therapy, including coaching for parents to medication management.



We understand that anxiety-related conditions can make it hard to function in everyday life. Guiding patients through anxious feelings or providing support for patients with Anxiety Disorders through talk therapy and medication management is a key part of what we do. 



We are experts in early intervention for autism in children through a variety of therapies such as occupational and speech therapy. Our team also supports adults who live with autism through therapy, medication management and occupational therapy. 



Millions of Americans experience substance abuse issues, impacting every aspect of their lives. Helping people overcome substance abuse is in our DNA. Treatment services may include assessments, counseling, case management, and outpatient support.

mental health services


Our team provides support for children, adolescents and families who live with mental health conditions or experience life's challenges. Learn more about our services here.

Our Services

Our team of psychiatric providers has experience and expertise in treating an array of mental health issues and disorders. Whether you are seeking consultation or medication management, our psychiatry department collaborates with your treating therapist, primary care physician, or other provider.


Our team of psychiatric providers has experience in treating an array of mental health issues as well as providing consultations or medication management.

When life presents its challenges, or you want to be proactive about your mental health, our licensed therapists can help you develop adaptive coping strategies and healthy ways to express your emotions


When life presents its challenges, or you want to be proactive about your mental health, our licensed therapists can help you develop adaptive coping strategies and healthy ways to express your emotions. 

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TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an FDA cleared, non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve the symptoms of major depression, without medication.

ABA Therapy Elite DNA Therapy Services

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses the scientific principles of learning and motivation in order to effectively teach children and adolescents.

Occupational Therapy for kids at Elite DNA Therapy Services in Southwest Florida


Our Occupational Therapy team guides your child through overcoming sensory challenges, enhancing their ability to learn, interact with others and enjoy life.

Speech Therapy at Elite DNA Therapy Services

Speech & Language

We help children and adults learn and grow communication skills that are fundamental to interacting and connecting with others.


"They care and that’s what really matters! The staff really cared about my situation and were very detailed in the processes. I am looking forward to working with this agency. It gives me HOPE."


"If you have been thinking about therapy for a while like me.... My advice just jump in and do it. You WILL feel better. It really helps. Call Elite DNA Therapy Services."


“I could not have gotten through my son's diagnosis without them. Both Stephanies, Azlund, Kristie-Leigh, and Erica are the most compassionate, kind, genuine people I have ever met! I would never get services from anyone else! Love you guys!”


“They are very friendly and professional. I would recommend to anyone. Jamie McKenzie is so intelligent and understanding and I enjoy my therapy sessions with her. I always come out of there feeling better than when I went in.”


“I think the staff here is great. My family feels at peace knowing our loved one is getting the attention he deserves.”