Our Team

Committed to you and your Family

Our company exists thanks to the wonderful staff and administrators who run the day-to-day operations helping families with their children.

Fort Myers

Care Coordinators

Cape Coral

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Port Charlotte




Our Team

Chelsea Rhoden
Heather Brien
Dr. Matthew Targoff
Edward "Ted" Pearce, PA-C
Sharon Bloom, Psy.D
Kimberly Clement, LMHC
Erica Kress, LCSW
Tiffany Scott, LCSW
Dr. Margaret Forszpaniak
Jan Paul Mojico, LCSW
Scarlett Olivaress, RMHCI
Adam Redman, RMHCI
Carla Rosier, RMHCI
Jairo Castillo, RMHCI
Annika Matos, RMHCI
Jennifer Cordeiro, SLP
Samantha Link, SLP
Jill Mandeville, SLPA
Azlund Engler, OTR
April Schwartz, COTA
Karin Smith, COTA
Dominique Gasdia, RBT
Jose Butron, BCBA
´┐╝Nelson Monroy, M.D
Noel Helmic, ARNP
Jamie McKenzie, LMHC
Liliana Acosta, RMHCI
Ali Orbe, RMHCI
Luis Navarrete, LMHC
Ana Ziegler, SLP
Vickie Campbell, SLP
Richard Gonzalez, RMHCI
Stephanie Frost, OTR
Bernardo Arias, M.D
Judith Tibera, ARNP
Patricia Sullivan, LMHC
Ellen Ferguson, RMHCI
Delia Toledo, M.D
Elizabeth Dosoretz, CEO & Owner
Jason Moon, President
Philip Cirrone, Director of Business Development & Operations
Nicole Bolooki, Director of Payroll & Accounting
Candy Schings, Director of Revenue Cycle
Cristina Johansson, Provider Onboarding and Compliance Auditor
Michael Schmidt, Director of Human Resources & Compliance
Cassie Sehlmeyer, Executive Assistant
Dawn Starr, Clinic Manager
Lisa Diamond
Chris Groves, MSW
Ashleigh DePalma, MSW
Scott Kane, PA-C
Tom Edson
Wayne Meddock, LMHC
Marie Boisbel, MHC
Isabel Edwards - IT Specialist
Becky Robertson - Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
Dorothy Smith, LCSW
Sonica Sharma, MSW
Sonia Garcia, ARNP
Nicole Millich, ARNP
Nicole Cochran, RMHCI
Nathan Lewis, Physician Liaison
Lindsay Gaines
Jennifer Thompson, MSW
Gina Valo, ARNP
Emily Ailinger, MSW
Christa Whelan, Credentialing & Contracting Manager
Melanie Orben, ARNP
Katie Hart, ARNP
Dr. Harvey Shapiro
Gabriel Rivera, NP
Alexandra Bithorn
Guillermo Diaz-Cruz
Nicole Cogswell
Danielle Kline
Margaret Barrow, ARNP
Judith Lenz
Jordan Warta
Peta Gay Bezek
Amina Rishi, PA-C

Why Choose Elite DNA Therapy?

Our team of professional therapists are here to help.Come learn and build confidence knowing yourself or your child is in the right hands.

Founded & Managed by Therapists

We were founded by professionals and want to provide the best results for our patients.

We Maximize Each & Every Patient

Meeting our patients therapeutically where they are, and getting them where they need to be.

Only Therapists Treat Patients

Our patients can be confident they are in the trusted hands of a professional.

Our Comprehensive Team Approach

No matter what specialty our patient is being seen, they always have access to the entire Elite DNA team.